Wednesday, 5 January 2011

How to unleash something of your own in this world?

Dear reader,

I remember the first time when I tried to sing. It sounded horrible to my ears and those around me :-)
Of course I had some encouraging comments from those around me that new it could only hurt my pride when they would be too honest.I guess a lot of people on this earth secretly sing when nobody's around and just a couple of us don't mind if somebody's there with us..
But years after and many bathroom-sing-sessions later I pushed myself to learn to sing correctly and what I discovered certainly wasn't news to all those professional singers around. They already knew you can learn how to use your voice correctly and for starters to learn to sing in tune.
So before you give up too soon I can only advise you to keep on believing and working on your voice if you truly adore to sing.
I would suggest you to get some vocal training courses in your neighbourhood or in these digital days, you can also get you a good singing program to practice at home. Any decent online program will help you move forward. Check out some of them here...

Learn to sing

And remember to search for your own voice! If you have found some special sound you can produce with your voice.. use it! (over course don't over use it... :-)  ) The thing is, vocally you can't be Beyonce and Eddie Vedder a the same time. You have to choose your own vocal identity and nurture it. When you found your own voice and made a song your own or even better wrote your own song, you'll truly feel proud of yourself. And you'll thank me for it later ... :-)